Printers' Devices : Help

Search types:
  • Printer: name of printer.
  • Device/Motto: formal description of device (in Catalan) and its motto.
  • Ensign: as it appears on the document.
  • City: city of printer (in Catalan).
  • Device term: Key terms in the description of device (in English). In process.
  • Keyword: any keyword present in printer's record.

Search options:
  • All words (AND)
    Using this option you will find records containing all of the entered words.
  • Any word (OR)
    Using this option you will find records containing any of the entered words.
  • Exact phrase
    To obtain the terms that contain exactly the same words in the same order and with the same punctuation.
    This option is not available in the "Keyword" search.
  • Browse selected index
    With this option you can browse the ordered list of terms in the selected index, starting from the entered term.
    We recomend this option to search printers and cities.

You may use ? (question mark) to mask any character.
Example: adri?n matches Adrian or Adrien.

You may use * (asterisk) as truncation for a variable number of characters.
Example: jose* matches José, Josep or Joseph.

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