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User Support Service Imatge de diagramació

The CRAI User Support Service (S@U) is an online information service designed to answer various queries about the CRAI libraries and their services and resources. You can also send us a comment, meaning a complaint, a suggestion or thanks.

This service is available 24 hours a day seven days a week.


Queries about the CRAIĺs services and resources


Members of the UB: If you are a student or member of the UBĺs teaching and research staff (PDI), its administrative and service staff (PAS) or its alumni association (UB Alumni) then select the subject of your comment and enter your user code and password in the UB intranet (Mˇn UB, Intranet PDI and PAS or UB Alumni) on this page.



External users: If you are not a UB member, then select the subject of your query and complete the form on this page.


Complaints, suggestions and thanks

You can use this form to send us your comments.



Open internal link in a new windowYour query may already have been answered. See frequently asked questions

Open internal link a new windowIf you want a more detailed subject search, ask for a Bibiographic information on a topic, after consulting the service price list

Open internal link in a new windowRemember we can also help you if you contact us by telephone or at the libraries' information desks

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